Aasha – A New credit system for all

Imagine asking 750+ credit score from a worker employed for over 30 years but has never once received a salary slip.


Salary slip of a worker who has consistently earned their wages to feed their families, but since the wages were secured in cash, they have no “Salary Slip” to prove their Income. Imagine asking for an employment letter from a worker who changes cities and jobs with the seasons to keep their bellies fed and their families safe.


Demands are so unreasonable, they’re almost comical!


This sphere of our population comprises close to 300 million individuals directly and indirectly classified as “migrant workers”. Yet these people have no access to funds for basic Financial, Educational, and Health Services


They contribute to India’s GDP through their jobs yet do not avail the benefits of this growth.

Unlike foreign countries, India does not offer a system for minimum wage, job security, or services for the education of these migrant workers and their families and so, the perpetual cycle of odd jobs and illiteracy continues. A system that has failed a quarter of a 1.2 billion population is a system that has failed us all.

At Baiju’s, financial inclusivity of the underprivileged has been a goal that we have always strived for, through our services of microfinance, specifically made for people with low incomes.

In an extension of Baiju’s Vision, we have joined hands with GoGopalGo and pledged a small amount of ₹20 lakhs to set the wheels of this financial revolution in motion.


A new financial architecture to create and maintain a credit score system for migrant workers is underway.


Code named Aasha, it will enable workers to secure loans for financial needs, educational purposes, and much more, empowering them to step out of their economic crisis and take their first steps toward a better life.


Aasha is a Machine Learning model that will generate a new framework enableing all Indians to participate in the GDP Growth of India thereby ensuring financial and educational inclusivity.


This will over time morph itself into a deep learning model, keeping up with the market trends and updating its factors for awarding points as time goes on.


Baiju:goGopalgo are partnering to break the current restrictions within the credit system that hinder and disable the domestic, migrant workers from participating in the formal economy.


In fact, Aasha will in time become the new Gold Standard for credit for all Indians, and Baiju:goGopalgo will work with the regulators as well as all stakeholders to achieve this.


From the perspective of providing resources to immigrant workers, funds that would have otherwise been inaccessible to this sphere due to our faulty credit system can now be disbursed at a moment’s notice to more than a quarter of a billion migrant workers and their families.


With Aasha’s help, these funds can help them move up the proverbial ladder, toward economic prosperity, breaking the perpetual cycle of illiteracy and odd jobs.


Migrant workers can educate their kids, and themselves to secure better jobs, get access to health insurance, and much more, increasing their standard of living and deservedly helping them lead a life much more comfortable than their current one.


So come, join hands with us to build a financial architecture where all our fellow Indians are a part of our growth



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